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Sleep Aids: How to Use Them to Treat Insomnia

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Have you ever found yourself waiting for sleep but feeling wide awake? You may even feel tired but can’t manage to fall asleep. You’re not alone in this feeling.

As much as 30% of adults may suffer from insomnia and find themselves needing some sort of sleep aid to help them. Sleep aids can work very well and help you get some much-needed rest, but there are a lot of options to choose from, and not all of them will fit with what you need.

Check out these different types of aids to help you achieve the sleep of your dreams.

Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia can present itself in many different ways. You may not be able to fall asleep or stay asleep, or you may continue to wake up feeling unrested. It could happen for only a few days, weeks, months, or longer. Insomnia is caused by  many different factors, including stress, traumatic life events, work schedule, or diet. Aside from not eating a lot right before bed and organizing your schedule so you have a good sleep routine, avoiding insomnia may involve more than what you alone can fix, such as mental health issues or sleep disorders. That is where taking sleep aids can help.

Prescription Sleep Aids

If you’re struggling with insomnia and have no idea why it’s happening, you should visit your doctor to review your symptoms and figure out why you’re struggling to sleep. You might end up with a prescription for a sleep aid, or your doctor may recommend an over-the-counter aid. Both of these have good options, so you will just have to decide what works best for you.

There are a variety of prescription sleep aids, including antidepressants and Z drugs. Some prescription sleep aids are designed for other uses but can also work effectively as a sleep aid, so talk with your doctor about what you are looking for before deciding on one.

Over the Counter

Over-the-counter sleep aids are generally antihistamine-based medications, mild sedatives often used to treat allergies.

You can find a wide variety in stores from brands like Jet-Asleep that might help you get the rest you need. They may be easier to come by, but if you are unsure what is causing your insomnia, it’s a good idea to talk with your doctor before buying these.


Natural sleep aids like melatonin or kava are supplements that may help with your insomnia.

They are also the least studied, and they are not approved like prescription drugs. However, you may choose to go this route over getting a prescription to try different options. The most important thing is that you find something that works for you.

Solve Insomnia With Sleep Aids


Sleep aids can turn your insomnia from a constant source of stress to nonexistent. But you might not find the right fix for you immediately.

Make sure to look into what might be causing your insomnia and ways you can address that before jumping into trying several sleep aids. And remember that if one isn’t working out, you can always find another option that may work better for you.

Everyone is different, so finding the right medicine or supplement is a unique experience. The best sleep aid is the one that works for you, so consider all your options, try some out, and get back to bed. And if you have more questions, you can contact us about getting the sleep you need and deserve.