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How to Sleep When It’s Too Hot Outside

How to Sleep When It's Too Hot Outside, sleep, sleep tips

The ideal sleeping temperature is about 65°F, but it can often get a lot warmer in the summer.

Sleeping in hot weather can be difficult, and this can affect various aspects of your life. Fortunately, there’s a range of things you can do to help yourself sleep better in the heat.

For some tips on how to sleep when it’s too hot outside, keep reading

Sleep Aids

Using a sleep aide like Jet-Asleep is a surefire way to make getting to sleep easier. Some sleep aids can be habit-forming. Fortunately, Jet-Asleep isn’t, so you don’t have to worry about becoming dependent on it.

It’s fast-acting, so whenever you’re having a hard time getting to sleep you can take a capsule and you’ll be off in no time. On top of helping when it’s warm, Jet-Asleep can help you get a better sleep when you’re jet-lagged, suffering from insomnia, or just have a lot on your mind.

Keep Your Bedroom Door Open

During the summer months, enclosed spaces can get very stuffy, making it much harder to sleep. Keeping your bedroom door open will let air circulate, which should help quite a bit.

Opening a window will also help increase airflow if need be. Just bear in mind that this could also let in outside noise which might disturb your sleep. During the day, keeping your curtains closed to block sunlight out should help keep your room at a more reasonable temperature so that it’s not too hot when you go to sleep.

Adjust Your Position

People typically try to get to sleep in the same position most nights. If you find yourself getting a bit restless, trying a new sleeping position can sometimes help. You could even go so far as to put your pillow at the other end of the bed.

You’ll likely find a cooler spot on your bed that you’ve not been laying on. You may also get more of a breeze from the airflow.

Get Breathable Bed Sheets

The material of your bedsheets can make a big difference in hot weather. Polyester, for example, holds on to heat and is moisture-resistant. This means that you’ll get hot quicker, and if you sweat it will stay trapped against your skin.

Materials like linen and cotton are more breathable and will make you much more comfortable on hot nights.

Wet Towel Trick

This is a simple trick you can use if you don’t have air conditioning. Put a wet towel in front of a fan or an open window. The air flowing through will bring this cold moisture with it, circulating a cooler breeze throughout your bedroom.

How to Sleep When It’s Too Hot Outside

Now that you have a better idea of how to sleep when it’s too hot outside, you should be much more comfortable throughout the summer months. If you need something effective that you can use anywhere, Jet-Asleep is an excellent solution.

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